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This resume is way out of date.

Please view my linkedin profile.

I now run a cloud security business: 2nd Sight Lab through which I offer cloud security training and penetration testing.

For historic purposes...leaving this hideously formatted resume here. Back in the day...

Technologies & Skills

System Architecture: AWS Cloud Architecture. Design for scalable, reliable, high performance, fault tolerant and accurate systems using a variety of software development life cycles. Ability to balance network, security, software, database and business considerations.

AWS (Cloud and BigData): SQS, S3, DynamoDB, VPC, IAM, EC2, ELB, Route 53, CloudFormation, security tools. AWS bastion, NAT and proxy. Deploy VPC, Subnets, Security Groups, Route Tables, NACLs, Peering for large corporate network with many VPCs on AWS.

Internet Programming & Web Development: Java, Maven, Python, Ant, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, JRun, JBoss, Jserve, Jetty, Tomcat, XML, XSL, Rest, Servlets, Cold Fusion, C#, .NET, SQL, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, Web Services, Applets, JSP, ASP, IIS, Urchin, Web Trends, Lucene, Web Services, IMail, SSL, web applications, data center operations, Facebook, Rest, Windows Services, Multithreading, Sockets, ProntoScript, PHP, JavaScript.

Internet Systems, Platforms & Applications: JRun, JBoss, Jetty,Tomcat, IMail, IIS, TIBCO.

Database Programming: DyanmoDB (NoSQL database), SQL Server, Sybase, Access, ODBC, JDBC. Some Oracle and MySQL. Database design and performance. Strong database integration and data analysis skills.

Operating Systems: Windows, some Macintosh, Unix and Linux (Redhat, Mandrake, Ubuntu)

Ecommerce APIs: Authorize.net, Verisign, Cybersource and Paypal as well as European multi-currency, micropayment API.

Web Marketing, SEO and Internet Strategy: bMetrix

Networking and Telephony: Have worked as a telecommunications analyst and run web sites and applications at both co-location facility and managed hosting facilities. AWS Networking for large corporate network on AWS. IP allocations.

Software, Networking, Security & Financial Systems

Master Software Engineer | AWS Cloud Team
Capital One
November 2015 to Present

Helped engineer AWS platform. Proxies, bastion hosts, ELBs, DNS, etc. Implement AWS networking (VPCs, subnets, security groups, peering, route tables, Internet gateway, Virtual Private Gateway) for many VPCs. Work with security teams. Publish internal AWS guidelines and information. Automation.

Master Software Engineer (Team Lead) | Java/SQL Programmer
Capital One
November 2010 to 2014

Lead a team on strategic projects for online brokerage ShareBuilder.com

Design new dividends system which automates 28 step process. Matches what is reviewed and reconciled to what is posted. Horizontally scalable, queued architecture that reduces load on database. Dividends team lauded as most collaborative technical project they ever experienced.

Upgrade transfer in system to allow customers to use web site to transfer in funds. Improve reconciliation vendor systems. Led to 175% increase in transfer conversions.

Research and present solution for document upload and management which includes digital signature.

Championed new technology such as AWS, REST, NoSQL and horizontally scalable, distributed architecture. Gave presentations on AWS and cloud security. Trained new developers in object oriented concepts.

Utilize skills from SANS Master of Information Security program and working to improve security knowledge within the company.

Implement FDIC sweep of investor funds as directed by DBA team. Successful launch and continues to drive revenue for the company.

Changes for 2011 tax year cost basis legislation, integrating with GainsKeeper and Wall Street Concepts. Revamped cost basis systems to support new API from tax vendor for options cost basis legislation for 2012 tax year. Bulk upload process to GainsKeeper to correct tax reporting errors in short period by reusing existing system components effectively. 2012 tax season survey of customers indicated best tax year ever despite complete data migration to new tax system version.

Integration of LiveChat (online chat system) and SalesForce data for financial industry compliance. Logs exceptions and continues to process in many cases compared to similar applications typically fail completely.

As scum master from 2010-2012, implemented changes to process to create the team that was consistently recognized for efficiency and frequent quality deliverables.

E-commerce Architect
Online/Offline Regional Retailer
November 2009 to October 2010

Technical architecture, design, development of new web site features, functions, e-commerce web sites, and systems integration. Management of off-shore developers including tasks and technical design specifications for new product and comparison pages. Provide recommendations to management to move to a true software development process including requirements and technical specifications, source control, build process, testing and test cases. Migration of web site to more robust architecture using object-oriented design and design patterns (in progress for some components). Integration with third party content and e-commerce systems (Amazon payments, Etilize, etc.) Implementation of hourly inventory update feeds from warehouse and stores. SQL Server database administration and development. SVN (source control) implementation and management. Development environment set up process and documentation. DBA, system monitoring and maintenance functions. Set up secure firewall rules in development environment to protect source control system prior to data center move. Assist other departments with SQL data replication queries and Java programming. Make recommendations to those responsible for security and PCI compliance.

In three months: Work on project to migrate web site/servers to new data center. Move from single database and dev/production environment to dev, test and production environment with separate databases and clustered SQL Server databases in production. Migration of web site code and databases, set up source control system and migrate SVN database, migrate SQL Server databases, integration and components. Coordinate with IS department for set up of network/server and feeds to/from other company systems. Convert e-commerce and tax components that did not work on 64 bit Windows 2008 OS to upgraded web services. Set up configuration files to run web sites across dev, test and production systems with different settings in each environment. Set up SQL Server script for migration of databases, automatically dropping orphan users, setting up roles and schemas for increased security. Remove old insecure components and set up secure file access by application on integration server. Reverse engineer systems since documentation was either non-existent or out of date. Research information to determine how web site functions, what components are used, how to get the information to set them up in the new environment and document for future reference.

Restore databases. Project management and task assignment. Reported project status to management who was responsible for directing those to whom tasks were assigned to get them completed. Project put on hold due to change in company direction and lack of testing resources.

Migrate public web site off failing COM component to web service tax component. Add failover in case web service failed. Optimize existing web site for performance. Fix subsequent changes that had negative impact on performance as needed. SQL Server profiling of queries to optimize indexes and stored procedures. Optimize key pages slow to load and move problem queries into stored procedures. Optimize Cold Fusion server configuation for optimal system utilization including threads, request timeouts, JVM memory usage and other system memory and CPU usage factors. Optimize some pages for better search engine rankings. Set up detailed error logging including user metrics, stack trace and error messages to pinpoint errors on site. Add detailed logging and fix 404 errors to help search engine rankings and sales. Fix problems caused by problematic caching routine. Set up transaction tracking and monitoring of e-commerce payment gateway transactions. Fix security flaw in analytic tracking tags which allowed code injection to break order tracking due to improperly validated url output. Make recommendations to fix other security problems to management.

Ajax wireless phone checkout process successfully launched with almost no errors in production.

Cold Fusion, JRun, Java, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2008, XML, XSL, AJAX, Maven, Visual SVN, Collabnet SVN, Tortoise SVN, IIS 6 and 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Mercent, Etilize, CCH Sales Tax Online, PayPal/Verisign PayFlowPro (Ecommerce gateway), GERS integration, Amazon Payments.

Development of Web Marketing, Content Management and E-commerce Web Site System
bMetrix Jan 2009 to Present
(continued work on system developed over past 10 years)
Run web sites for primarily small to medium sized retail/wholesale companies needing a system that provides end to end web site management and web application features such as SEO, fulfillment integration/processes, invoicing, inventory, social media integration, marketing analytics, customized databases, e-commerce and web/mobile/email publishing on the bMetrix platform. (New customers currently by invitation/recommendation only). Manage data center, DBA, development of customized web management platform using Java. Custom MVC, scalable architecture using open source, customized web servers and web services to communicate between server and client components. Web publishing for multiple environments and formats, SEO friendly design and urls, HTML publishing for optimized server network performance. Detailed logging, metrics and analytics. Web security functions. Email newsletters, inventory management, customizable databases, e-commerce, and Cybersource (being purchased by Visa) payment processing integration.

Integration with Fulfillment Center
December 2009
Integration of data in Volusion shopping cart system with fulfillment house. Automation (as much as Volusion allows) via Java application and import/export via XML and CSV files.

Plant Nursery Online Ordering and Inventory System
September 2009 to December 2009
Customized inventory management database and online ordering system for retail and wholesale plant nurseries. SEO for large plant inventory. Search by product attributes. Online availability list. Plant location tracking. Coupons. Completely customizable web design. Customizable pricing. Email list and online newsletter. Customers can update web site without programming including plant database, text on site and plant photos. Ability to preview changes before publishing to web site.

E-commerce Event Registration & Mobile Web Site
Sound Mind & Body Gym August 2009 to October 2009
Ecommerce services, event registration and mobile phone web site for Sound Mind & Body Gym. Pay per click advertising management and SEO. These services are provided on the bMetrix web platform.

E-commerce Web Site/Financial Applications
Nordstrom Feb 2008 to December 2008
Contract Programming Client of Radical Software

Worked as team architect and lead developer to create a tax system which read data from sales audit department passed in from POS systems and e-commerce web site, processed in staging database and C# system, then passed via web services into third party tax system (Vertex). Created multi-threaded, configurable library to submit millions of records into tax reporting system which had no threading errors in production. One database timeout issue in one section of code occurred after the system went live which had not occurred in load tests or test environment. The issue was quickly and easily pinpointed due to appropriate error handling and logging and easy to fix. Replaced previous problematic system with new system that only was off by under $25 in the first month and cause of those out of balance transactions were pinpointed as soon as the system was launched and due to a robust and detailed means of balancing transactions between systems. Uncovered and helped address issues in existing POS and sales audit systems in the process of designing and developing this system. System had detailed balancing and error checking functions to ensure reliability and a system architecture which allowed developers to make future business changes without introducing complicated threading errors by creating a separate threading library.

Additional work for Nordstrom included a Java error checking component for a TIBCO queue, assistance in creating Maven build system, .NET and SQL Server database build system improvements to coordinate builds on development, staging, test and production environments using 3rd party source control system, proof of concept test using SQL Server XML query functionality, and functional specifications document for shipping UI functionality on Nordstrom e-commerce web site.

Technologies and Applications: .Net, C#, XML, Web Services, SQL Server, Java, XML, Maven, Eclipse, TIBCO integration, Dimensions, Junit, Nunit, Vertex.

Real Estate Web Site
Windermere Real Estate Seattle, Washington, Feb 2008
Contract through Robert Half Technology
Two week contract to implement multiple file upload and e-commerce checkout for real estate agent services. Java, JavaScript, ColdFusion 8, Eclipse, Subversion, Ubuntu, SQL.

Facebook, Games, Adminstation Web Sites and Data Feeds
Fantasy Moguls Seattle, Washington, Sept 2007 - Jan 2008
Contract through Robert Half Technology
Initially hired to create games integrating IMDB (Amazon's movie database) running on Facebook. Import datafeeds from multiple sources using XML physical files and web requests. Reverse engineer complex system written by multiple engineers to design administrative system to update movie games and replace data feed from another source with almost no documentation/information. Java, Rest, XML, MySQL, Hibernate, Spring, Webwork, Freemarker, Maven, Eclipse.

E-commerce & Marketing Web Sites
Real Networks Seattle, Washington, Nov 2006 to Sept 2007
Contract through Volt
Support e-commerce and marketing web sites and content management system. Implement updates to Rhapsody.com and Real.com web sites including web pages, new features, debugging system performance issues, JUnit tests and architecture for new e-commerce system. JSP, Java, SQL, XML, XSL, Apache, Tomcat, JMeter, Junit, CVS, Eclipse, Ant.

Intranet Telecommunications Product Management System
Qwest, Seattle, Washington, 2006
Contract through Robert Half Technology
Developed internal product management system for Qwest to manage mass market products. Included online publishing, editing, review and legal approval mechanism. Java, XML, JSF, Facelets, CVS, Lucene, Spring

Custom Programming and Web Development
Radical Software, Inc., Seattle, Washington, December 1998-Present
Started out as a custom software development firm, managing employees to create custom web software and e-commerce web sites for companies. Since have developed a web platform to host small businesses which includes and SEO publishing platform and all in one web marketing services. Work on contract for large companies, government or non-profits through Radical Software and via third parties as projects above indicate.

Helped a small e-commerce business grow from garage operation to multi-million dollar company acting as sole web architect and manager including data center operations, programming, e-commerce, SEO and analytics.

Projects include work in .NET, C#, ASP.Net ASP, JSP, Java, ColdFusion, SQL Server, MySQL

Provided technical consulting, programming, database development, technical book reviews and technical due diligence to numerous companies. Project details and customer names and contact information for reference can be provided upon request.

Some clients include:

Sound Mind & Body Gym (SmbGym.com)
Rosetta Inpharmatics (Merck)
Silicon Valley Bank
F5 Networks (via subcontract)
Prentice Hall
T-Mobile (via subcontract through IS Domain)
Renaissance Realty (Bid4Dirt.com)
Weiss CPAs
Staenberg Venture Partners
Efund, LLC
Institute for Family Development
Cascade Trade
MIT Enterprise Forum / Venture Lab
Social Investor Forum
Dulce Design
Mailwell Envelope (Cenveo / State of Washington Department of Printing)

Invitation Web Site: E-commerce Content Management System & SEO
MyGatsby.com, Los Angeles, California, 2001-2005
Custom Software Client of Radical Software
Oversaw IT for web site for three and a half years. Technical architecture. SEO. Project management and vendor coordination for networking, design and development. Personally implemented most complex components and search engine optimization changes to web site that improved search engine rankings and sales for customer over and above work done by a major SEO company. Helped customer increase sales from $1,000 per month to over $70,000 per week before company was sold to major printing industry company. Company was sold off to one of, if not the biggest, privately held invitation industry printing companies. Web site I created is pretty much still in tact. I chose not to work for the company that bought them out, even though they asked me to name my price to go work for them. Technologies include Java, JSP, JRun, SQL Server, all hosting, network, e-commerce, search engine optimization implementation and improvements that dramatically increased sales. Implemented JBoss configuration and managed development to migrate system to JBoss/Jetty platform.

Wireless Company: Customer Service Application for Number Portability
Leap Wireless, San Diego, California, 2004
Contract through Dataskill
Implement changes to customer service and sales application written in Cold Fusion to provide functionality for number portability. Completed in time for federally mandated deadline.

Print Proofing Web Site / Java, XMLRPC (like web services) .NET Integration
State of Washington Dept. Of Printing / Mailwell Envelope (Cenveo), Seattle, 2003
Custom Software Client of Radical Software
Architect, project manager and developer of system for company to sell customize printed materials online. Includes xml-rpc calls from .NET to a Java component that provides proofs in PDF format. Expanded system supports multiple printing customers via customizable site and product list.

Retail E-commerce Web Site
Aquaflowhose.com, Seattle / San Diego, 2002
Manged web site client of Radical Software, Inc.
Temporary e-commerce web site for a company selling a shipment of unique garden hoses manufactured overseas. Successfully sold all products and site was shut down.

Java Web Application Troubleshooting
F5 Networks, Seattle, 2002
Subcontract for Radical Software, Inc.
Troubleshooting of Java/Linux web licensing application. System was crashing randomly. Was able to pinpoint the error that caused the code to break, resulting in ever increasing JDBC connections to a SQL Server database. Resolved the error and corrected the error handling to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

Technical Book Reviews - Java Web Services
Prentice Hall and Wrox, Seattle, Washington, 2002
Review technical books before publication and provide technical feedback as to the accuracy of information and usability of sample code. Sample project: Java Web Services For Experienced Programmers Search for "Teri Radichel" - bottom of preface.

Lingerie E-commerce Web Site
Bratopia.com, Seattle, Washington, 2000-2001
E-commerce web site client of Radical Software, Inc.
E-commerce web site for lingerie company. One of over-funded dot com companies that went out of business. Project Management / Consulting.

Venture Capital: Technical Due Diligence
Staenberg Venture Partners, Efund LLC, Seattle & Kirkland, Washington 2000
Technical consulting client of Radical Software, Inc
Technical due diligence services for two Seattle venture firms. Reviewed technology created by potential portfolio investments to determine feasibility, competency of technical staff, and accuracy of technical claims, schedule and budget. Projects ranged from wireless to online advertising technology to network monitoring systems.

Venture Capital Web Site & Content Management System
Staenberg Venture Partners, Seattle, Washington, 2000
Web site client of Radical Software, Inc.
Built a content management system for venture capital firm portfolio. Firm has since merged with Rustic Canyon Partners and site has since been changed by internal staff.

Java API for International E-commerce Gateway
Online Commerce Solutions, Seattle (parent company in Germany), 2000
As a senior software engineer, created the Java API for an e-commerce gateway (like Verisign, Cybersource, Authorize.net) in Europe. Wrote demo for Java developers to show how to use the API. Also set up the company's US web site and an e-commerce web site to demonstrate their multi-currency, micropayment processing e-commerce gateway. Technologies included Java, XML, JRun, and SQL Server.

MP3 Streaming Music Download & E-commerce Web Site
SlowBlue.com, Seattle, Washington, 1999-2000
Worked on a team, which created a web site for a now defunct Internet record label. Site included streaming media, file uploads, ecommerce and a web interface for administration. Technologies included JServe, Java, JSP, servlets, JDBC, Real Server, Linux, MP3, Apache and MySQL.

Seattle e-commerce web sites
Shownow.com (purchased AXC Interactive), Seattle, Washington, 1999-2000
As an e-commerce consultant, implemented order process and site architecture to integrate with Oracle database and I-Syndicate Java/XML news feeds. Part of 5 person team sent to Shopnow.com by AXC Interactive to form relationship which resulted in Shopnow.com buying AXC Interactive and not another firm they were considering at the time.
  • Athletenow.com (Consulting for ShopNow.com), Seattle, Washington, 1999
  • Stairmaster.com (Consulting for ShopNow.com), Seattle, Washington, 1999
  • shop.raymarine.com (Consulting for ShopNow.com), Seattle, Washington, 1999
  • magnoliahifi.com (Consulting for ShopNow.com), Seattle, Washington, 1999
Technologies include Interworld, Oracle, Unix, NES.

Various Web/Programming Projects
AXC Interactive (Sold to Shopnow.com), Seattle, Washington, 1998-1999
  • Airplane Part Test Scheduling System for Boeing subcontractor - Oracle, Access, VB
  • OLAP Demo for Microsoft - Oracle, Access, VB
  • Events Registration System for Microsoft - VB, ASP
  • Subcontractor Database System- VB, ASP
  • Press release file transfer- OLE Automation, MS FTP Component, VB
Sales Force Automation & CRM Systems
ATL Ultrasound (now Philips), Bothell, Washington, 1996-1998
As a Database Analyst and Database Developer, created quote automation tool for field sales reps to generate quotes for ultrasound equipment and send in-house electronically for processing. Wrote SAP/ABAP4 queries to pull product information and sales text out of SAP database. Mail-enabled prototype was implemented in Visual Basic, ABAP, GroupWise, Access, and Oracle. Additionally created systems integration applications for marketing department to combine databases from multiple systems, and resolve systems integration errors. Multiple database technologies and sources.

Oil Company - Telecommunications Management Systems
Tosco Marketing Company, Seattle, Washington, 1994-1996
(gas stations & oil refineries)
As an Information Technology Analyst, created system for tracking telephony and wide area network lines and related services, equipment, projects and expenses. Monthly enterprise-wide reports showed expenditures by employee, department and location. System included budget analysis and expense tracking reports. Invoice processing and expense tracking was automated by uploading invoices available in digital format into the system. Project management module tracked orders, due dates and project contacts. Technologies included Access, Oracle, Quadbase, Visual Basic and other database sources.

Telecommunications & Networking - Project Management System
Tosco Marketing Company, Seattle, Washington, 1994-1996
As an Information Technology Analyst, acted as project manager for installation of ISDN lines for credit card processing at Tosco-owned BP gas stations. Determined line specifications needed for x.25 packet switching over D channel. Coordinated vendors, site personnel and headquarters to resolve business and technical issues. Wrote project management system to track installations and project details.

Freelance Business Writer
The Write Connection (Freelance / Owner), Seattle, Washington, 1993-1994
As a freelance writer, wrote sponsorship proposal for Summits Adventure Travel (Peter Whitaker) that resulted in $35000 worth of gear from Marmot Mountain International. Proposal to Microsoft for AIESEC that landed $2000 in sponsorship. Brochures for companies and non-profit organizations, resumes and proposals.


Master of Software Engineering, Seattle University, 2000

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, University of Washington, 1993
Marketing Concentration

Music, Fine Art, International Marketing and Academic Scholarships


Radical Software, Inc., 1998 to present
Business owner, web site management and contract programming contracts, some of which are listed under projects below.

Robert Half Technology, various projects from 2006 to 2008.
Various freelance software projects noted below

Volt, Nov 2006 to Sept 2007
Software programming contract at Real Networks

Dataskill, September-October 2004
Software contract at Leap Wireless

Online Commerce Solutions (Emprise OC), 2000
International multi-currency payment processing and e-commerce web sites

ShopNow.com (Network Commerce)/AXC Interactive, 1998-2000
Custom web software and e-commerce web site consulting

ATL Ultrasound (now Phillips), 1996-1998
Custom sales and CRM software and systems integration

Tosco Marketing Company, 1994-1996
Telecommunications projects, administration, telephony inventory and project management software

The Write Connection, 1993-1994
Freelance writer (owner) - marketing and business communications

Waterfront Press, 1994
Sales, Accounts Receivable and Administration

Graphic Reactions, 1993
Advertising & Graphic Design Sales (Summer - 3 months)

The Hamilton Company, 1993
Marketing Assistant (Summer - 3 months)

University of Washington, 1992-1993
Telemarketing Manager, 1992-1993
Telemarketer, 1992 (6 months)

Other Information

Web Development & Web Marketing Recommendations

More recommendations on LinkedIn.com or on request.

"Teri worked for me from almost one year. During that time she was a strong asset to the team. Her work was always of a very high quality and delivered in a timely fashion. Teri is very good at relating business and technical issues. This gave her a great sense of not only what we needed to do, but an understanding of why we were doing it. Using this understanding she is able to provide great insights into better ways to do things. I would hire her again given the opportunity." January 14, 2008

Mike Golebiewski
Development Manager, Real Networks

Managed Teri Radichel at Real Networks

"I worked with Teri in (1999-2001) on a number of eCommerce properties at Network Commerce, among them Raytheon-Marine and Magnolia HiFi. The projects were always frantic, demanding and full of technical issues, which Teri is well suited for. She is an excellent resource to have on any team due to her technical depth and tenacity in troubleshooting. Teri loves a pure challenge and where most engineers give up and look for help, she digs in and finds a solution. She is adept at picking up and applying new technology and bring a mature perspective to software engineering." March 4, 2008

Mike Weber
Sr. Software Engineer , Network Commerce

Worked directly with Teri Radichel at Network Commerce

"Teri joined my team right out of college and quickly impressed me with her quickness, quality of work and eagerness to learn/grow into more and more challenging areas. Teri expressed an interest in application development, so was given a bit of training, mentoring and progressively larger assignments in this area. She accomplished each with aplomb. Teri decided to drive her future career and formal education quite successfully in this new direction. I am very proud to see what Teri has accomplished, and that I was able to be a part of her success." December 14, 2007

Joseph Beer

Enterprise Architect, Formerly Office of the CTO at Washington Mutual (WaMu), now Puget Sound Engergy

Managed Teri Radichel at Tosco

"I have worked with Teri as a recruiter for the past 1.5 years, and she has always been open, honest, and a solid developer to work with. She has a high level of integrity, and I'm proud to say I've been a part of her career! February 13, 2008"

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Chris Bloomquist
Recruiter at Robert Half Technology

Hired Teri in 2007, more than once

"I had the opportunity to work with Teri as a client and as a business partner (Radical Software). Teri is a very dynamic, smart and focused individual and it was a pleasure to work with her. While very adept technically, Teri also has very good business intuition, which makes her very versatile and unique." January 7, 2008

David K Marks
Vice President
Cascade Trade, Inc.

Worked directly with Teri at Radical Software, Inc.

"Teri worked as a developer on a project I managed at Leap Wireless. She was a reliable and conscientious worker and managed to complete the job on time despite tight timelines and everchanging requirements. She was a pleasure to work with." January 6, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Sandy Peters
Systems Application Manager at Cricket Communications, Inc.

Hired Teri Radichel as a IT Consultant in 2002

"Teri is a very intelligent individual. She was able to help me generate more new patients at my dental practice." January 15, 2008
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Dr. Ron Brun, DDS
Smile West Seattle

Hired Teri Radichel for Web Advertisting & Marketing in 2008

"Teri and I worked in the same team, She has very good programming skills and is very good at solving complex issues. Teri has a very good at learning new stuff pretty quickly. Working with Teri is fun, She is very well managed. Teri has the knowledge and skills to excel in any project she is given." January 29, 2008

Srinivas Pendela, SDE
Real Networks

Worked directly with Teri Radichel at Real Networks

"Teri worked with us at eFund, a venture capital partnership where I was a general partner. Teri was a pleasure to work with. Very personable. Quick to understand needs, always delivered on budget and on time without significant required oversight." January 5, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time

Jeffry Canin
Venture Capital
Hired Teri Radichel at Efund in 1999